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Are you looking to improve the appearance of your self-service or serve-over counter? If you are, we have the solution you may be looking for.

Want More from Your Catering Equipment?

How long have you owned your current commercial catering equipment for? Maybe it’s been a while now and it’s starting to show signs of wear and tear. You might think this is harmless, however, it could have a negative impact on the appearance of your food display and ultimately, the number of sales you are making.

You don’t want anything to compromise the success of your servery counter display, that’s why it’s so important to keep it looking the best it possibly can. In order to maintain this standard, you may be under the impression that you need to replace the whole counter in exchange for a new one, however, you don’t have to go to all that expense.

You can, in fact, save yourself time as well as money and achieve the same results as having a new counter fitted, by investing in our high-quality catering supplies.

Appearance is Everything

In the catering and hospitality industry, you will be all too aware that food presentation is central to everything you do. It can entice someone to do business with you, or put them off within an instant. Say, for example, if the food was served on catering equipment like dishes or hot tiles, that are chipped or burnt, it could put them off wanting to buy from your display counter, regardless of how delicious the food is.

In this day and age, more people are inclined to buy something because it looks good, or is ‘Instagram-worthy’, and the same applies to food and the platform its served upon. Which is why it’s so important to make sure the catering equipment you are serving your food upon is faultless, as it could impact your sales.

Did you know that having the perfect display that you’ve always wished for doesn’t have to cost the earth with our catering equipment? By requesting a copy of our price list, you can see the exact price of all our products.

Our product range is easy to use, cost-effective and used throughout the hospitality industry. The full Primeware range provides class and simplicity in all aspects of catering: the way you prepare, display and serve food and includes:

Quality Melamine

Our quality melamine dishes have the exact same look and feel as porcelain, just without the costly price tag. The range of melamine is:

  • Heavy Duty
  • Unbreakable
  • Chip and Stain Resistant
  • Cost-Effective and Dishwasher Safe

The quality melamine range includes dishes, platters and plates which look like porcelain but do not chip.

Ceramic Dishes

Part of our of catering equipment range is our ceramic dishes that are available in over 75 different colour combinations. Our Gastronorm dishes and lids come in 5 vibrant colours including red, white, black, Tuscan yellow and blue. They are also available in 7 different sizes and 3 depths and are suitable for cook, chill, freeze, bake, steam and microwave.

Also part of the ceramic dishes range is our established Grundy dishes. Grundy dishes provide a modern, colourful, lightweight alternative, that has the same capacity as ancient Grundy tins, providing a breakthrough for school meals.

Alternatively, we have ceramic multi-portion dishes that are GN sized dishes with straight sides to maximise food display on a countertop and minimise heat loss. They have rounded corners for ease of cleaning and can be used to cook, chill, freeze, bake, steam and microwave with a temperature range of -20 to +250 degrees C.

Solid Oak and Steel Loop Risers

The elegant risers are ideal to give height to any buffet. You can choose from a set of four risers or a large individual riser 60cm long.

So if you’re looking to give your food display a new lease of life, look no further than our high-quality catering equipment.


The renowned silicone Flexepan can be used to bake, freeze, reheat and serve all in the same pan. It’s also lightweight, the GN1/1 size weighs under 1.5Kg, over 3x lighter than ceramic, yet it’s very durable. Flexepan is also non-stick and dish wash safe too.

Innovative Hot Tiles

Our Ceramic, Slate and Carvery Hot Tiles are innovative tiled inserts that simply drop into the bain-marie wells of a servery counter to create a colourful platform for food display. Our catering Hot Tiles are slim-line, modern and backed with 18-gauge stainless steel with six rounded feet on the base to keep them firmly in position.

Hot Tiles also require minimal effort to clean and use, they are hard wearing and durable making them a long-lasting display product.

Our catering hot tiles are available in GN1/1, GN4/3, GN1/2 and now GN1/3 sizes. Glass – 9 options, ceramic – 12 colour options including wood effect and Batik. The Tiles are also available in slate and carvery options, they have an attractive mosaic surround and are available with spikes or a carving board. These attractive tiles look great as a background for your food display or as a feature tile!

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Primeware Ceramics

Primeware was founded in 1996 to specialise in colourful food service counter systems and catering equipment. Since then we have gained a worldwide reputation for putting the style back into food service presentation, with our products being sold in over 35 countries.

The Primeware product range includes Hot Tiles and ceramic dishes in over 75 different colour combinations. Our easy to use, high quality, cost effective and energy efficient products are used throughout the hospitality industry today.

Our German office opened in 2004 and covers central Europe from its Munich base.