About Us
‘With first impressions
there are no
second chances’
Primeware was founded in 1996 to specialise in colourful food service counter systems. Since then we have gained a worldwide reputation for putting the style back into food service presentation, with our products being sold in over 35 countries.

The Primeware product range includes Hot Tiles and ceramic dishes in over 75 different colour combinations. Our easy to use, high quality, cost effective and energy efficient products are used throughout the hospitality industry today.

Our German office opened in 2004 and covers central Europe from its Munich base.
Primeware's Secret Dish Recipe

Our dishes are made of clay, the same clay that has been used since the beginning of time... and by adding certain ingredients to the clay; the dishes are made stronger and more resistant to shock.

You can see in the picture Primeware’s secret clay recipe being poured into moulds. The clay mixture is called slip which is a combination of our clay mixed with finely ground stones and water. The moulds are made of plaster which absorbs the water in the slip mix causing the dish to set. Once the clay has set the dish is then turned out from the mould and dried at 50C for 6 hours.

Next the dish is glazed; the dish is sprayed with a coloured glaze made from ground glass, colouring and water. Primeware can make dishes in any colour. Our main range consists of 5 colours: black, white, blue, Tuscan yellow, and red, as 12 years’ experience has shown us these are the most popular.

Finally, the dish is fired for 10 hours at 1200C this high temperature causes the glaze to melt and bond with the clay, giving the end product a smooth, strong and glossy surface.

Once the dishes come out of the kiln, they are quality checked and passed over our ‘base smoother’ to give their base a smooth and even surface. Finally they receive the famous Primeware stamp!
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